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Chinese Themed 14th Birthday Party

This dragon bunting was one that I hand made & hand stitched details onto for this particular party. It was an adorable addition to the decorations, made completely from wool felt and cute fabric.
This banner, one that I also handmade, had the letters of my daughter's name stamped onto the "fortune tags". Also made form felt and hand stitched.

Hand stamped Fortune, Joy, & Friend napkins.

Take out Chinese from a local restaurant.

Time for dessert! The birthday cake, along with handmade candy Chinese food on sugar cookie plates.

For the "after dessert activity" the girls made their very own homemade fortune cookies. They had so much fun!

And the majority of them turned out great!

The assortment of goods the girls got to take home for favors.

60's Themed Birthday Party

The decorations for this theme were so fun to make! The banners (aprons and fitting for the era) were handmade from fabric, felt and ric rac. The photo op was a hand cut and painted cardboard flat, because what else do you think of when it comes to 1960? Cars! And old drive-in movies. We also were able to use an old vintage record for a creative balloon weight.
And...lunch is served! Mini sandwiches, good old fashioned onion dip and ruffles, celery with cream cheese on toothpicks, crush soda, and some very decorative grapes. What better to put all of this food on plates that look just like records?!

As decorations at the table go, we set out an old record player with some old fashioned candies that were popular in the 60's (Boston Baked Beans, Bazooka Bubblegum, and so on) that were laid out on the counter next to the food.

This is an example of the invitations we used for this party. Customizable, printable invites, like this one, can be found in my shop.
This was one of the cakes at the party. A "Meatloaf Cake", again, so fitting for the era. Served up in a slice with candy peas and carrots.
I made this cake to look like an old record player!
The Cute Costumes!
Everyone had fun when it came time for photos...just driving down the road!
Then we all had fun making doughnuts, since, as I learned in researching what went on in the sixties, the doughnut shops were apparently a popular teenage hangout! And, thankfully the recipe was fairly simple.

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