Jack-Be-Little Pumpkin Bird Feeders

These cute bird feeders are what we used for part of our class fall party.


1/2 of a Jack-Be-Little (or small) pumpkin for each child
4- 3 foot long pieces of Twine for each child
2 Long Skewers
Bird Seed Mix


Take your 1/2 a pumpkin and scrape out the seeds and the insides until it's clean (save seeds to roast and eat.) An adult should puncture the pumpkin with one skewer until it also goes through the other side. Puncture the pumpkin with the second skewer on the other side so that it makes an exact "x" in the center of the pumpkin.

Take all four pieces of twine and line them up together.  On one end, tie a knot, leaving a loop, for hanging, at the top.  Then, placing the twine over the pumpkin, attach each piece of twine to its own skewer tip by tying another knot, flush against the pumpkin.

Fill your finished feeder with bird seed and hang it outside. It's always fun for the kids to see the birds perch on the skewers.