Finger Puppet Felt Farm Book

This is a felt book I made. I also made little felt finger puppets to go with it so that it would be a little more interactive for the kids and very fun to play with.

 The cow, chicken and pig finger puppets fit right into the inside of the barn for easy storage.
The chicken coop door also opens and closes to show the chicken's nest and eggs.

  Bend your finger down and the cow eats the grass too.

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Cat in the Hat Hats

My daughter and I sewed these hats together for a class Dr. Seuss party. We made one for each child in the classroom and the instructions are fairly simple!

To start, we cut 3 white and 2 red 22"x 3" felt strips for each hat. We also cut a 7" round piece of red felt for the top of each hat.  Begin by putting a white strip lined up with a red strip and straight stitch together with a 1/2" seam. Open sewn strips facing right side up and lay a white strip at the top of the sewn red strip. straight stitch again. Repeat process until the last white strip is sewn. Then fold in half, right sides together, line up each seam and pin. Straight stitch with a 1/2" seam. Turn it right side in and line the 7" red felt round at the top. Straight stitch around and then turn right side out.
The Finished Product!

Fish In A Bag Soap

 This was a little classroom craft I did for Dr. Seuss week this year. The kids loved being able to take their own little "Fish Soap in Bags" home with them. The idea was derived from the book "The cat in the Hat Comes Back".
 We started with clear cellophane bags, clear glycerin soap, and plastic goldfish from the party store. If you'd like complete instructions on melting the soap and putting it into the bags with the fish, watch this tutorial on However we did not opt to spray the inside of the bags with rubbing alcohol like Martha did, because we thought the bubbles in the soap were appropriate for this particular project. We also used much less soap in each bag than what the tutorial suggests.
This is an excerpt from the book that I decided to attach to each bag.

The finished project!

It lathers nicely!