Military Themed Birthday Party

For my son's last birthday we decided to give the party an entire army look....starting with the face paint.

And in the "Mess Hall" there were some classic turkey sandwiches for all our "fighters".

We added some green food coloring and fake flies to our water to give it a little more of an authentic feel.

 These signs were perfect to place all around the house- especially in the certain places the kids weren't supposed to be in.
 "Basic Training" was the obstacle course the kids had to get through while carrying/wearing heavy military gear.
Cakes I made for the party.
After the Obstacle Course
For this game I told my friend she could be the drill Sargent for "Drill Sargent Says". She really did have fun with telling the kiddos that drill Sargent said to get down give her 15 push ups and then 20 jumping jacks. The funniest part was the fact that the kids were completely willing to do anything she wanted them to.
The kids had a lot of fun with this game. We picked six kids to be the "wounded soldiers" on one side of the front lawn and all of the other children were standing on the other side in two teams. Then the relay race started: Each team would take their blanket, run to the wounded soldiers, wrap them up in the fabric bandages that were in the blankets, and carry them to the other side in the blanket. The first team to get three wounded soldiers to "help" won the game.
My neighbor let me borrow all of his military gear for the kids to get all dressed up in for this dress up relay race.
One more game that fit into the "Basic Training" category.
 For our pinata, we had all of the girls and smaller kids line up first and the bigger boys line up last. We didn't know that it would be the littlest girl there that would decapitate our pinata completely with the stick. :)

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